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name: Leni Marlina <>
country: Indonesia

comments: This is awesome website as well as great project to promote children's literature.
Sat Feb 2 10:21:26 2013
country: USA

Sun Jul 17 11:24:22 2011
name: Shawn Leslie <>
country: USA

comments: Beautiful stories...
Fri Jun 24 8:33:59 2011
name: amanda

comments: Thank you so much for keeping these books alive (and intact) so we can read these classics to our children no matter where we are!
Tue Mar 29 0:43:01 2011
name: Elféea
country: France

comments: Merci à vous pour ce travail de recherche et merci que vous faite partager et qu'on peut profiter de lire ... C'est un site merveilleux ... Mille merci
Tue Mar 22 1:51:27 2011
name: chris fisher <>
country: usa

comments: I love this site and what you are doing
Tue Mar 8 16:21:04 2011
name: ayaz ali <>
country: pakistan

comments: very much impressed with your literal efforts for children
Wed Mar 2 4:50:51 2011
country: united states

comments: love to read books on line to my 3 year old and 5 month old.
Wed Feb 23 23:45:53 2011
name: jessi <>
country: usa

comments: love it
Sun Feb 20 13:59:43 2011
name: Roxana Gonzlez <>
country: Guatemala

comments: I think you have a wonderful project. I want to volunteer in translating books into Spanish but I couldn't send the message since I don't have outlook. Can you please let me know if you still need translators. Thank you.
Sat Feb 19 18:56:25 2011
name: mama wendy
country: China, Hong Kong

comments: What a treasure! Very glad to have had hit your website!
Tue Feb 15 21:47:12 2011
name: makayla <>
country: united states of america

comments: ... idk what to say .. havent found my book yet ... i gyuess and i doubt u have it good bye
Sun Feb 6 17:33:50 2011
name: nlatney

comments: Hi
Thu Jan 27 17:37:01 2011
name: holly lewis <>
country: United States

comments: i am looking for a good site for me to read books to my baby while it is still developing in my womb
Mon Jan 24 3:43:27 2011
name: Heidi Petterson <>
country: USA

comments: Exciting to find you!
Sat Jan 22 1:40:04 2011
name: Matthew Marcus <>
country: Italia

comments: Questo sito molto buono e anche utile, grazie per le traduzioni italiane!
Wed Jan 19 2:45:56 2011
name: hirnya <>
country: India

comments: I bookmarked this project in my folder kids page ,when I opened this project ,I saw only 2 or 3 books where is the hole collection I mean for eg aladin 's magic lamp and abc?
Tue Jan 11 7:28:13 2011
name: elena morales

comments: It looks like a very worthwhile project. Did I miss a listing of books available for viewing or do you do one at a time?
Mon Jan 10 22:23:13 2011
name: Emma Locklin <>
country: USA

comments: Haven't found anything but good website
Sun Jan 9 20:16:20 2011
name: Bernadine Feagins

comments: Love your website, here is another great book to add to your site ( KIDS DREAM BIG & HAKIM AND TERRANCE SHADOW MYSTERY ), GOD BLESS !
Thu Dec 30 18:00:00 2010
name: monica hernandez <>
country: conyers G.A

comments: mi son liked to read
Wed Dec 29 16:37:12 2010
name: Rhonda <>
country: USA

comments: I have a new grandson as of 11-29-2010 and I want to read to him every chance I get but had no books. I was reading from an online Bible and happened upon your site. What a thrill and a blessing. And what a wonderful gift for us new grannies with no childrens books in the house...yet. Very grateful to have found you!
Sun Dec 26 20:43:10 2010
name: taha <>
country: IRAN

comments: DONT BE TIRED.I love your site.thank you very very much.
Tue Dec 21 15:56:43 2010
name: Dashaina <>
country: USA

comments: What a wonderful site! I was so happy to stumble across this and look forward to sharing these stories with my new little daughter. Thanks!
Mon Dec 6 8:22:42 2010
name: ANN <>
country: Usa

comments: Learning Italian reading
Sun Dec 5 1:12:07 2010
name: edel <keane>
country: ireland

comments: wow
Tue Nov 30 12:32:48 2010
name: Abdul Majid <>
country: India

comments: very nice site
Tue Nov 23 23:31:28 2010
name: reyhane jafari <>

comments: Dear Rosetta team, I want to make a multimedia book for children. would you please let me know your way or have a demo from what you did? thanks for your consideration best regards: reyhane jafari
Sun Nov 21 5:27:21 2010
name: Ann <>
country: USA

comments: Checking out for son's reading assignmmet
Thu Nov 18 23:41:58 2010
name: Alta Hayes-Seamon <>
country: United States

comments: I have skimmed through the books that you have posted and have even read them throughout my lifetime, at one time or another, and I have to say that you have an awesome collection! I hate that I have to "proof-read" my children's books just like I have to monitor their online access, and television shows. But here, I can rest assure that if it was from Rosetta, then the quality (inside and out) is wholesome! Thanks Rosetta!
Tue Nov 16 20:50:13 2010
name: mahnaz

comments: have a ten_year old son and I love to read the story for him
Wed Nov 10 0:45:28 2010
name: Laudia Price <>
country: USA

comments: I really like your books.. you are doing a good things for parents and kids who need to read together... God bless you ...
Tue Nov 9 21:22:37 2010
name: DESTINY <FACE BOOK 12430965>
country: AMARICA

Sun Nov 7 14:24:59 2010
name: gzde <>
country: turkey

comments: this site is super (:
Fri Nov 5 8:23:14 2010
name: denise <>
country: england

comments: LOVELY SITE
Fri Oct 29 23:52:16 2010
name: Lutfi <>
country: Indonesia

comments: well known is good one
Wed Oct 27 7:43:30 2010
name: Amy <3 <>
country: USA

comments: this is cool =) <3
Sun Oct 24 21:31:36 2010
name: leslie <>
country: USA

comments: This is a great site! Just love it!
Tue Oct 19 19:21:38 2010
name: Jong-Seok Yoon <>
country: South Korea

comments: Thank you for published few books in Korean. Could you it more?
Thu Oct 14 11:09:54 2010
name: Jong-Seok Yoon <>
country: South Korea

comments: I like your books. but why don't you publish in Korean language?
Thu Oct 14 11:03:43 2010
name: Nole Belluard-Blondel <>
country: France

comments: I'm so happy to find a website where it's possible for children but not only... for everybody who loves books and is still a child at heart to read so many old children books. I decided to collatorate to this project by translating some of them into French! Books are our best friends, they open a wonderful world to us! Nole
Sun Oct 10 5:05:25 2010
name: lesly

comments: could you please add maximum ride books
Sat Oct 9 17:36:50 2010
name: sylvia huxham <>
country: Australia

comments: Would love to linger longer
Wed Oct 6 7:45:53 2010
name: Andrea Ysabel
country: Philippines

comments: I love books!
Sat Sep 25 17:25:38 2010
name: peaceout
country: usa,mississippi

comments: i love peace signs
Sun Sep 19 15:13:21 2010
name: La Gallina Gorda <>
country: Puerto Rico

comments: Marvelous, estupendo!
Sat Sep 18 10:36:36 2010
name: ticaren <>
country: usa

comments: good
Thu Sep 16 0:14:56 2010
name: Shirley Avery <>
country: United States

comments: I think this is a good thing you are doing.
Sun Sep 12 18:20:08 2010
name: Shirley Avery <>
country: United States

comments: I think this is a good thing you are doing.
Sun Sep 12 18:19:59 2010
name: Andrea R. <>
country: United States of America

comments: I'm thrilled that I've stumbled across this site! I'm in the process of introduction my 4 year old son (almost 5) to what storybook and storytelling use to be like. With all the computer generated characters you see in our children's lives at the present, it's refreshing to see that someone out your groups case, many...are willing to take time and put together such a wonderful collection of vintage storybooks. Thank you Thank you Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication.
Tue Sep 7 4:50:47 2010
name: Chris Gratkins <>
country: United States

comments: I love this website
Mon Sep 6 10:36:31 2010
name: Ilse T. Hable <>
country: US, Austria and Mexico

comments: A wonderful idea and well presented. Congratulations!
Thu Sep 2 11:48:46 2010
name: Leanne <Hadley>
country: USA

comments: Beautiful! Thank you!
Fri Aug 13 1:58:28 2010
name: Mildred White

comments: Hi, I'm interested in books for 4th graders. Hopefully, I'll find lots of them here. Chow
Thu Aug 12 15:38:09 2010
name: Faith Kauffmann <>
country: USA

comments: What a wonderful project! Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be possible to send you an email other than right here.
Wed Aug 4 20:42:11 2010
name: Grandma <>
country: USA

comments: I just got on the site. I think this is a great site. I am a grandmother of 6. This will be great for the kids. I wish I could help in some way. I have a friend that can translate German if that would help. If you need any help let me know.
Mon Jul 26 20:11:23 2010
name: Madini <>
country: India

comments: Your website is absolutely beautiful, a treasure.
Thu Jul 22 11:49:59 2010
name: Chantal Pelser <>
country: South Africa

comments: Oh wow!!! Can I help with Afrikaans translations for South Africa????
Wed Jul 21 7:09:00 2010
name: Jennifer S.

comments: I have entered this website to look for some online children's books for my online children's class.
Mon Jun 28 14:59:22 2010
name: Julianna <>
country: usa

comments: Please can you get the books: Gemma and Sisters Gemma alone Goodbyr Gemma Thhank you for the great website! G
Wed Jun 23 14:47:54 2010
name: Dana <>
country: USA

comments: new to this site
Tue Jun 22 22:23:48 2010
name: LuluC <>
country: USA

comments: Homework project.searching for info on homework.
Sat Jun 19 17:12:47 2010
name: Carolyn <>
country: USA

comments: What a lovely site! i am having my grand-daughter Lilli read your beautiful books. Thank-you!
Mon Jun 14 14:56:22 2010
name: Lynne Cole <>
country: United States

comments: I was brought up on many of the stories you have, they were in a set of books given to me as a child in the 1950's
Sun Jun 13 16:29:38 2010
name: cyrus <>
country: iran

comments: hello.dont be tired.God be your keeper.
Wed May 26 16:45:57 2010
name: Carol Free <>
country: US

comments: A beautiful project...I'm in. I can have a friend translate to Chinese.
Mon May 24 11:27:43 2010
name: Bessy <>
country: USA

comments: I'm in desparate need for online books in Spanish for my native Spanish class.
Mon May 24 8:38:42 2010
name: Kim Murphy <>
country: United States

comments: I love this site,it gives me the opportunity to share such lovely books with my children and I am most grateful!
Sun May 23 5:43:14 2010
name: Rachel
country: USA

Wed May 19 18:27:26 2010
name: Nana Sandie
country: USA

comments: This is a great site.I've passed on to several family and friends. Thank you.
Wed May 5 11:37:18 2010
name: Sharon Padget <>
country: USA

comments: I love your website! I use your books ot help my English Language Learners learn English but still foster their development of their native language by giving them the opportunity to read your books :-0)
Sat Apr 24 13:09:05 2010
name: montro <>
country: U.S.A

comments: :)
Thu Apr 22 20:47:19 2010
name: june bacani <>
country: saudi

comments: colorful books children will really enjoy!
Thu Apr 22 5:37:40 2010
name: Juliana <>
country: Indonesia

comments: I am willing to help translate the children books into Indonesian, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Wed Apr 21 11:10:10 2010
name: austin <>
country: usa

comments: i have to read
Mon Apr 19 21:46:59 2010
name: Darrell Hitchens

comments: I am here trying to find, "Owls in the Family" by Farley Mowat
Tue Apr 13 14:04:53 2010
name: Sarah @ Mum In Bloom
country: Kansas, USA

comments: Lovely site here and some great children's books. Thank you for this worthwhile project.
Sat Mar 27 10:40:47 2010
name: Vernon Naftzger <>
country: United States

comments: This is a wonderful site and even though I cannot find the book I am looking for. All I can recall is a single line read to me by my grandfather, "Beatrice Pig made a beautiful high dive." I will continue to review your site and I will make a donation to your efforts.
Fri Mar 26 1:01:40 2010
name: Carine Neves Mendes Campos <>
country: Brazil

comments: ...
Thu Mar 25 14:06:09 2010
name: Anthony <>
country: USA

comments: This is pretty cool. I write a blog for kids at and I would like to write an article about your site.
Tue Mar 23 20:30:53 2010
name: S fernando <>
country: Sri Lanka

comments: Great website . Thanks for the service.
Sat Mar 20 1:56:16 2010
name: CASSIE
country: V.A

Mon Mar 15 15:27:27 2010
name: c dharmaprawira <>
country: Indonesia

comments: Such a great site! Thanks for making this site available for all.
Thu Mar 11 6:30:09 2010
name: powerful
country: heaven

comments: never mind this site is actually a prttey good site i just ccouldn't find the books for some reason and i looooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee to read any way byeeeeeeeey
Tue Mar 9 17:06:27 2010
name: Powerful
country: heaven

comments: this was a dumb site i can't find any books i want but there is one thing i like and that is the books here are for free and you don't have to pay
Tue Mar 9 17:02:59 2010
name: Jennifer Vaughn <>
country: USA

comments: Love this stuff!!!!
Mon Mar 8 17:11:18 2010
name: lisa <>
country: usa

comments: thanks
Sun Mar 7 14:19:31 2010
name: jenna grier

comments: HELLO
Sat Mar 6 18:27:25 2010
name: shanmugam <>
country: India

comments: nice job
Sat Mar 6 9:53:19 2010
name: rena <>
country: Pa., USA

comments: Great job, Guy and friends. I loved the Maori translation.
Wed Mar 3 15:54:57 2010
name: Bernadette <Doidge>
country: South Africa

comments: Thanks, now I can keep my granddaughter entertained with all her favourite books
Sat Feb 27 0:44:39 2010
name: phuong <>
country: Viet Nam

comments: I'm a sudent
Mon Feb 22 8:43:00 2010
name: Lalit <>
country: India

comments: hi
Mon Feb 22 7:10:02 2010
name: alaina
country: san ysidro

comments: hello
Sun Feb 21 21:55:23 2010
name: rachelle
country: us

comments: put " a boy called slow" on here pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Fri Feb 19 19:39:29 2010
name: Patty Vreeland <>
country: USA

comments: A classic and great for classroom and parents!
Tue Feb 16 12:22:31 2010
name: Karon Samuel-Stepan <>
country: US

comments: Please let me know if I can use these with my kindergarten students. Thank you. Karon
Sat Feb 13 14:27:26 2010
name: Lote

comments: Thanks so much for this!!! :)
Fri Feb 12 7:05:00 2010
name: john khairul effendi <>
country: indonesia

comments: good
Sun Feb 7 21:10:09 2010
name: john khairul effendi <>
country: indonesia

comments: good
Sun Feb 7 21:10:08 2010
name: cindy <>
country: canada

comments: i am a student studying history of children's literature. love this site
Fri Feb 5 13:56:12 2010
name: yesmene <>
country: u.s.a

comments: this is so cool
Wed Jan 27 18:37:20 2010
name: Jamie King <>
country: United States

comments: Awesome!
Mon Jan 25 18:26:36 2010
name: jane wild <>
country: west newbury, ma. usa

comments: Lovely site
Mon Jan 18 15:25:43 2010
name: Allainyaha-Charlene M K Matthews <>
country: United States of American

comments: We were blessed by your mere present, Loving memory
Fri Jan 15 17:34:07 2010
name: cory
country: us

comments: This is a very noble thing to do.
Tue Jan 12 23:26:09 2010
name: BRIAZNI <J>
country: J

comments: HI
Fri Jan 8 10:57:53 2010
name: tangchang <>
country: china

comments: I like to read books very much.Thank you .
Thu Dec 31 18:52:03 2009
name: Sharmila <>
country: Italy

comments: Great Books
Mon Dec 21 14:38:21 2009
name: John

comments: This site friggin rocks!!!!
Fri Nov 27 1:37:03 2009
name: Somaia <>
country: Egypt

comments: I liked your illustrated books for children all over the world, I have goog command of Arabic and English . I am willing to translate these wonderful books to Arabic and be part of this great work
Wed Nov 25 20:00:18 2009
name: ashley jackson <>
country: rochster

comments: i love the book and it is good
Tue Nov 24 10:43:11 2009
name: SueAnn Cardinal <>
country: usa

comments: thank you very much for providing reading material to young children who can't get to the library and can't afford books.
Sun Nov 22 16:10:20 2009
name: Sherron Madison-Jones <>
country: usa

comments: Thank you for providing a wide variety of rich classical literature. I grew up reading many of these stories, and now I am sharing them with my daughter. It's a great way to develop her love for reading.
Sat Nov 21 18:51:48 2009
name: Linda Davis
country: USA

comments: Thank you for undertaking this project
Fri Nov 20 17:36:39 2009
name: £buyi <>
country: china

comments: a new found,real happy
Thu Nov 12 7:51:43 2009
name: pinkie hemstad <>
country: usa

comments: good site!
Mon Nov 9 2:00:26 2009
name: Danna <>
country: USA

comments: First time on this site. I don't have anything to comment on yet.
Mon Nov 9 0:08:24 2009
name: Ann Finster <>
country: USA

comments: Reading to my grandchildren online.
Tue Nov 3 17:35:17 2009
name: Jong-Seok, Yoon <>
country: South Korea

comments: Can you publish your books for Korean language?
Tue Nov 3 3:03:08 2009
name: dee

comments: thank you
Mon Nov 2 23:23:09 2009
name: Debbie

comments: What a beautiful idea!
Fri Oct 30 20:37:16 2009
name: Jo Lynne Hannay <>
country: Canada

comments: Love this site. So nice to just turn the computer on and have a story pop up to help our young readers.
Mon Oct 26 18:16:39 2009
name: Soe Chit
country: Myanmar

comments: This is cool,fun and a great staff. Thank you.
Sun Oct 25 11:36:07 2009
name: Ashley <>
country: united states

comments: It nice to be able to read these books to my little child like my mom did for me
Wed Oct 21 21:31:44 2009
name: Mary C Mason <>
country: USA

comments: Great idea. Haven't looked it all over yet.
Tue Oct 13 1:11:28 2009
name: Drake Family <>
country: USA

comments: This has opened a whole new world for my children. Reading books that use different spellings, and phrases that are out-dated. Not to mention how different the styles are in comparison to their books now. It's a fun adventure everyday!
Mon Oct 12 20:55:00 2009
name: Hannah

comments: I am 7 years old and I am just learning to read, thank you for providing us a "library" on line!!!
Thu Oct 8 17:50:09 2009
name: Julia Wise

comments: I would like to take time to browse your site .. it looks very nicely done!
Wed Oct 7 20:28:30 2009
name: Laura <>
country: USA

comments: Awsome!
Wed Oct 7 10:27:07 2009
name: Anthony Balchunas

comments: thanks!
Tue Oct 6 20:49:47 2009
name: Sue Langen

comments: I'm hoping to have some of my low readers be able to hear stories.
Tue Oct 6 14:47:42 2009
name: Anya Cooper <>
country: usa

comments: I like this. I just happen to search for books, since we can't o the library. My 4 yr old wanted a book.
Mon Oct 5 0:49:51 2009
name: carole duran <>
country: united states

comments: looking for childrens books grade 2 level
Wed Sep 30 18:21:39 2009
name: Rosetta

comments: I find the site while researching books online to read and found it interesting that my name also is Rosetta. I will use this site for my grandchildren.
Tue Sep 29 14:03:30 2009
name: Waterfox Karu <>
country: United States

comments: Great site and resource.
Tue Sep 29 9:25:39 2009
name: halie
country: britian

comments: i hate it
Mon Sep 28 13:26:18 2009
name: Pamela Schmunk <>
country: Canada

comments: I am looking for melodies for particular children's songs for my drama production.
Sun Sep 27 23:01:38 2009
name: anna washburn <>
country: us

comments: this is so nice thnak you
Sat Sep 26 20:03:30 2009
name: Trouillot <>
country: Haiti

comments: Would like to translate classics in Haitian Creole
Thu Sep 17 22:03:47 2009
name: Catherine Ruiz <>
country: US

comments: I love your website!
Thu Sep 17 9:05:36 2009
name: Wilfred Hill <>
country: Canada

comments: I have a 5 year old son and I am earning my B.Ed. in Primary Junior.
Wed Sep 16 19:02:58 2009
name: mattice <>
country: usa

comments: this is a creative site
Fri Sep 11 21:19:38 2009
name: edward

comments: kool pge i realy like
Thu Sep 10 20:00:29 2009
name: Arvada Spina <>
country: USA

comments: I am a teacher of 1st and 2nd graders.
Thu Sep 10 17:03:38 2009
name: djones

comments: Need more places for free book reading. Thanks
Mon Sep 7 13:11:05 2009
name: angel <>
country: usa

Mon Sep 7 10:47:14 2009
name: Karyn
country: England

comments: rubbish site can't find the book I want, in fact, I can't find any books at all!
Wed Sep 2 13:54:36 2009
name: yesmene <>
country: america

comments: i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to read.............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Tue Aug 25 20:14:39 2009
name: yesmene <>
country: america

comments: i love to read.
Tue Aug 25 20:01:44 2009
name: Jing-Chi Mingfouee <>
country: China

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Mon Aug 24 17:36:46 2009
name: Eric Shin <>
country: Japan

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Mon Aug 24 17:34:18 2009
name: Eric Shin <>
country: China

comments: Very nice likey your page need more bookys fankfoo XoXo
Mon Aug 24 17:31:15 2009
name: fan sicheng <>
country: Singapore

comments: l love to read books.
Fri Aug 21 6:01:16 2009
name: Deborah Welch <>
country: United States

comments: Very interesting website.
Thu Aug 20 5:39:17 2009
name: black

comments: love to read
Mon Aug 17 18:33:02 2009
name: Audrey Ann Sheppard <>
country: United States of America

comments: I just wanted to say that I love your website and I am proud to be signing this Guestbook!!!!
Mon Aug 10 16:30:57 2009
name: moen <>
country: india

comments: fine books for children
Mon Aug 10 13:17:34 2009
name: Chrys <>
country: Brazil

comments: i appreciate this initiative to digitally preserve books that illustrated the childhood of each of us
Sat Aug 8 15:46:34 2009
name: Jennifer <>
country: USA

comments: Thank you for having this sight!
Thu Aug 6 21:00:59 2009
name: Betty Lyon <>
country: USA

comments: This site is an unbelievable find for me and a treasure for all. I will tell many friends about this. I found this because I was trying to find old My Bookhouse and Oz stories. Only two days ago did I find out about the Eric Carle museum of book art. Do you have a connection there too? Serendipity! Thank you all!
Thu Aug 6 10:45:06 2009
name: The Road Virus

comments: boo. I needed free books my thing is due by 5pm today and it's almost 3! Gak!
Mon Aug 3 17:39:10 2009
name: Jenny <>
country: USA

comments: looking for children's books
Mon Aug 3 15:53:54 2009
name: darren <>
country: usa

comments: wanting to read a story to my kids
Sun Aug 2 23:15:28 2009
name: Karen <>
country: USA

comments: A wonderful site, a most wonderful endeavor ... Thank you so much for all your efforts!
Sat Aug 1 15:13:23 2009
name: C.E. Young <>
country: USA

comments: It is nice for me to find sites like this that my girls can enjoy a classic good book.
Thu Jul 23 8:38:56 2009
name: jonny <>
country: usa

comments: hey heey
Fri Jul 10 11:58:57 2009
name: fatimah <dont have>
country: gautang

comments: amazing
Mon Jul 6 6:59:48 2009
name: P. A. O'Connor <>
country: USA

comments: What a wonderful, charming, delightful web site. It is a jewel and a keeper. Thank you!
Thu Jul 2 14:26:07 2009
name: Jacklyn <>
country: USA

Sun Jun 21 18:52:04 2009
name: Naomi Boisette <>
country: USA

comments: My mother show me this
Wed Jun 17 19:07:23 2009
name: Lynnette Perez <>
country: US

comments: The story collections you've chosen are of high interest to children. Thank you for your efforts.
Sat Jun 13 10:30:17 2009
name: LYNN flaten <>
country: USA

Mon Jun 8 17:43:26 2009
name: julie hodgson <>
country: portugal

comments: What a wonderful website! the thought of all those wonderful books is smashing...well done
Mon Jun 8 6:42:35 2009
name: Doose Sambe <>
country: Nigeria

comments: Good materials
Fri May 29 17:05:49 2009
name: Andrea <>
country: St.Maarten

comments: I have not browsed the entire site but I love what you all are doing. Keep it up. This is the number one place I will look for online books from now on. This is by far one of the best site there is for children's online reading!!!
Wed May 27 9:58:20 2009
name: Ms. Max <>
country: USA

comments: I have a personal collection (computer) of 100's of children's books illustrators and your site is a wonderful resource. Thank you
Fri May 15 11:02:43 2009
name: Carlos A. Gomez <>
country: Costa Rica

comments: I love read, children books
Mon May 11 23:59:47 2009
name: Dalia <>
country: canada

comments: woooooooooooooow\
Thu Apr 30 7:58:58 2009
name: sherry

comments: looking for children's books
Mon Apr 27 15:20:30 2009
name: erika <>
country: qatar

comments: This is good working
Wed Apr 22 1:13:47 2009
name: Tracey <>
country: USA

comments: Love books!
Sun Apr 19 23:11:55 2009
name: emilio <mexifry14@yahoo,com>
country: usa

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Thu Apr 16 0:10:05 2009
name: Ray Sheltonroy <>
country: California

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Wed Apr 15 22:16:41 2009
name: okky <>
country: indonesia

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Wed Apr 15 10:13:26 2009
name: angela adamson <>
country: United States

comments: Thanks so much for this amazing and beautiful site!
Sat Apr 11 22:25:09 2009
name: Peyton <>
country: USA

comments: We are looking for books to read online.
Sat Apr 11 21:05:35 2009
name: Ann Byrne <>
country: USA

comments: More books! More books! Anyone know a book on a baby boy who grows into a giant, and his parents' problems raising him?
Tue Apr 7 13:29:15 2009
name: lakesha dailey <>
country: u.s.a

comments: so useful
Mon Apr 6 12:38:02 2009
name: Allison Clay <>
country: USA

comments: Thanks for such a great website!
Sat Apr 4 21:52:49 2009
name: Luis <>
country: U.S

comments: Thanks for the chance to be able to read to my four year old.
Wed Apr 1 22:27:36 2009
name: TamelaThompson <>
country: USA

comments: This is an amazing locale for children's literature.
Tue Mar 31 20:00:22 2009
Mama Squirrel


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